A major pharmaceutical company had lauched a global program to streamline its efficiency "more with less"

  • Key objective was to increase productivity in visual inspection department. Key metric was the number of doses inspected per FTE:
    Challenge: "45% AVI volume increase in 2016 would require xxx new FTEs w/o productivity gains; however this creates a gap of xxx FTEs with Dec 2016 budget"

Our approach

  • Condusted diagnostic to identify levers and estimate potential savings:
    • Organisation of workshop to identify potential levers and align with experts on what analysis to be conducted to estimate the size of potential gains
    • Conducted 1-to-1 interviews with cross-functional teams (eg. Production, quality, logistics, maintenance, etc...) to estimate effort and timings for implementation
    • Identificatino of 14 levers and prioritization in terms of impact vs effort/timing
    • Identification of 7 levers selected for implementation
  • Implemented 7 prioritised levers
  • Estimate gains (levers) performed while taking into account interdependencies between different levers


  • Resulted in productivity gains of 27%
  • Department maintained same levels of production with reduction of 38 FTEs 
  • Recurrent annual cost saving of € 2.8M
  • Therefore the department wil be capable of handling higher volumes with fewer FTEs