Project References

Industry :
Telecommunication & Media

Product & service management reference

The Challenge

  • Client wanted to improve its call center by:
    • Increasing customer satisfaction
    • Reducing costs (staff is major cost driver)
  • A main driver of both objectives is 1st time resolution of customer calls

Avertim's approach

  • Understand main issues by analyzing top 10 customer contact reasons per department
  • Plot all issues into an "urgency" vs "strategic importance" graph and estimate difficulty to resolve each issue
  • Systematically resolve each issue based on defined priorities (ie start with quick wins that are "urgent" and "important")
  • Frequently interact with all departments (eg. IT, Network Management) in managing and finding solutions to issues

Impact and added Value

  • Call center yearly costs cut down by:
    • 1.6M€ in Y1
    • 2.3M€ in Y2
  • Key KPI of "contacts/ client/ year" was significantly reduced