Project References

Industry :
Life Sciences & Chemicals

Change Management

The Challenge

  • To save costs, a global Life Science company wanted to shut one of its Belgian sites, and move all employees to another (existing) Belgian site
  • However, client did not want to invest in creating extra floor space
  • Client asked Avertim's help to implement 'smart working'

Avertim's approach

  • Clarified objectives and aligned senior management by using a SIPOC approach
  • Set up a clear governance structure and way of working
  • Set up a communication plan
  • Created a cockpit
  • Defined new processes & tools to support new way of working
  • Supported end-user by a Change Management Plan, which included
    • Surveys
    • Workshops to answer questions and define 'rules' of smart working
    • Other end-user communication tools

Impact and added Value

  • Major space savings:
    • Reduction of >30% floor space/ employee
    • Over 2.000 people affected
  • High satisfaction and buy-in rate (based on survey results)
  • New working culture with focus on collaboration & interaction