Project References

Industry :

Business Process Management

The Challenge

  • A global retail client wanted to update its communication system between its HQ (headquarters) and floor managers in retail outlets
  • Reason for update of system was that it had numerous drawbacks
    • Message format unclear
    • Multiplication of messages
    • No way for HQ to receive confirmation that tasks have been correctly completed

Avertim's approach

  • Identified detailed needs of key user's (ie. floor managers and managers at HQ)
  • Prioritized needs according to MoScoW framework (Must have, Should have, Could have, Won't have)
  • Interacted with supplier of communication system to develop a tailored solution:
    • Played pivotal role between client stakeholders (IT, floor managers and HQ) and supplier
    • System was extremely complex, therefore needs had to be detailed down to a very granular level in order to avoid errors
    • Challenged supplier to ensure solutions were tailored to specific client requirements

Impact and added Value

  • New system is currently being piloted in 70 shops, and will be rolled out to entire network (800 shops)
  • All drawbacks of previous system have been resolved (eg. volume of email messages arriving at stores divided by 2)
  • Shop floor managers (key users) highly satisfied with new system