Avertim is the winner of Trends Gazelles 2015 award

The "Gazelles" are part of the Belgian economic landscape and concern the fast-growing companies. Being part of Trends Gazelles 2015, that ranks the 200 best performing companies in each province, is a sign of solidity and competitiveness for the company

To be selected as "Gazelles" the company must:

  • exist since at least 5 years
  • present a positive cash-flow in 2013
  • offer full-time jobs for at least 20 employees in 2013

Avertim was selected for the category small organizations in Brussels and amongst 200 other candidates won the Trends Gazelles 2015 Trophy.

The ranking is based on 3 relative and absolute performance criterions: EBITDA, Cash Flow and Employment. For each of these criterions, Avertim is ranked amongst the top ten.

(more information on the ranking as well as an interview of Hervé Lefébure, CEO available on Trends Website)