Avertim teaser: The transformation of the telecommunications market

The Mobile ecosystem has always been a fast moving environment. New technologies, faster chips, bigger screens, better battery lifetime, mobile apps ... .have been evolving so quickly that we might have to ask ourselves if users still need more and faster telecommunication solutions.

Avertim has attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, meeting up with some of our customers and searching for the most evolving Business Concepts in the industry.

The top 3 topics we have selected and for which we see our services within the Avertim portfolio further evolving are 4G, Multi-device evolutions and Customer Loyalty. (Mobile devices should be considered largely being Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops)

The following sections of this article will explain further these 3 topics and AvertimĀ“s position.

4G has been going for some time now, but is only really starting to be implemented at the various operators. The use of 4G will go beyond user's expectations. Indeed, 4G will for example allow large file transfer, rapid workplace set-up, rich machine to machine and remote monitoring applications, videoconferencing, tele-presence and rich media collaboration, remote access to business applications.

All these functionalities from the new mobile devices we have seen at the World Congress, where Samsung, ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia have shown thinner, faster and 'bigger screen' machines...

The image below explains in what way 4G/LTE will increase the use by consumers and businesses of their mobile devices.

Multi-devices: being able to use your applications on any device at anytime and anywhere...

Next to all the abilities 4 G/ LTE will bring, the users (and mostly Businesses) evolve towards the use of multiple devices in their own 'digital ecosystem'. This means that users will get easier and safer access to the software they use on a daily business on their Smartphone, Pc, Tablet or laptop.

They choose more and more what they use on a day to day basis, instead of using the software which is enforced upon them (E.G. Microsoft applications only). Therefore companies need more and more insight on how they can optimise the use of all different devices to support their business processes in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

The image below explains the different types of business applications which will need to be accessible through all different mobile devices and which business processes they will support

Keeping the customer: the major challenge for a Telco operator

Last, but not least, Customer Loyalty has become the major challenge for a Telecom operator. Where 'customer churn' (the percentage of customer changing provider) has massively increased, telecom operators need to differentiate more and 'spoil' the customers for them to stay loyal.

Customer Loyalty is only a part of the complete customer life cycle when choosing for a Telco operator.

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