Avertim at the Mobile World Congress 2011

The mobile ecosystem is in the middle of a very significant wave of transformation. At the centre of this transformation is GSMA Mobile World Congress, the must-attend annual event for more than 50,000 senior mobile leaders of the mobile industry from 200 countries, leading us into the Mobile Future.

The word 'more' aptly describes the biggest and best Mobile World Congress ever: more attendees, more outstanding exhibitors, more CEOs delivering keynotes, more App Developer Conferences in 2011 than ever before!

Avertim could not afford to miss this event, and was present to well understand the state and evolutions of the technologies, and to meet his current and future/potentials customers.

This year, the GSMA highlighted several important initiatives benefitting the industry, including Green Tech, the Mobile Cloud, Mobile Money and Mobile Health.

The "App Planet" initiative can be pointed out: hosting more than 10,000 app developers in 2011, App Planet was once again the Centre of the Apps Universe. This year App Planet was completely packed with an exciting app-focused exhibition, an App Lounge for networking, a Forum Series covering LTE and Cloud discussions, and App Developer Conferences hosted by firms like BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung among others.

At the time of growing environmental issues, in particular climate change, Green Initiatives at Mobile World Congress can also be welcomed: the GSMA strives to be environmentally responsible at all of his offices worldwide, as well as at his global events. In addition to encouraging Mobile World Congress exhibitors, sponsors and partners to do their part, the GSMA announced the followings 'green' undertakings at the GSMA Mobile World Congress:

  • Mobile World Congress Media Centre entirely paper free
  • Mobile Energy Efficiency-Green Power for Mobile: this GSMA project aids operators in reducing costs and carbon emissions through the use of energy efficient networks and renewable energy
  • Initiatives to Help Reduce his Carbon Footprint,
  • Use of Recycled Materials,
  • Waste Reduction Measures.