Is Digital Working the new solution for the Banking sector ?
Digital working : a new mindset for the banks

Nowadays the word "Digital" is everywhere around us, but what does it really mean for a major player in the top ranking banks in Belgium and Europe ? *

If we believe what Brett King** predicted in his book "BANK 3.0. Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere You Go But Something You Do", 80% of the "digital natives" generation will never enter into a bank agency, all their relationship with their banks will be digital.

Starting from this assumption banks must engage in a broad digital transformation process to adapt to a changing market and preserve its capacity for growth. My client has already embarked on this path by creating an entirely online bank subsidiary.

But more concretely, how to make the digital switch from the "old school" way of working? To become a digital company you have to transform yourself and become digital, and that is exactly what I am currently doing at BNP Paribas Fortis by managing the Program "Digital Working".

My role on the Digital Working Program

The Program is divided into two main projects, the Corporate Mobile Offer and the Enterprise Mobile App Store.

The scope of the mobile offer project is twofold. First, deploy a new mobile offer proposing high end smartphones and tablets, bundled with a Telecom subscription, and secondly, replace all existing BlackBerrys (need BlackBerry Exchange Server) devices by smartphones.

Besides, the Enterprise Mobile App Store defines the strategy and deploys an App Store offering the necessary apps to enhance the working experience on mobile devices, while providing a secured environment on which confidential information can be treated in compliance with law and regulatory bodies' requirements.

We already launched the Mobile Offer for Managers and I am currently busy with the outsourcing of the Mobile Device Management and Service Desk to a specialized company that will handle it on behalf of my client. Following our plan, we expected to decommission all existing BlackBerry devices by end of June. It is now done. Together with a request from the Business we will equip their sales functions with mobile devices and we expect to deploy and equip at least 90% of the bank's Management!

Alex Martinez
Consulting Manager

*BrandFinance Global Banking ranking 2014

** Source Wikipedia: Brett is an Australian technology futurist, public speaker, international best-selling author and the co-founder and CEO of Moven, a New York-based mobile banking startup. In 2012, King was named "Bank Technology News Innovator of the Year" by the trade newspaper American Banker