Avertim is going green, act II, end of 2014

Avertim is continuing its sustainable development program. In 2014, several actions have been completed:

  • Business cards made from recycled paper
  • Avertim Green Email Signature
  • Batteries collection for Bebat action
  • Specific garbage recycling bins
  • Electronic salary slips for Avertim Belgium

Continuing to be a Green company, Avertim will launch the next initiatives in the few next weeks:

  • Eco-driving courses
  • Default printing in black & white
  • Phone / video conference
  • "Getting out of the room, turning off the light" communication

To go further and to have a larger impact in the future, Avertim has decided to support once a year a green initiative from an external association. This year, the association SURFRIDERS has been selected. It is dedicated to saving and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean and coastline. Our donation will help this association to raise awareness about the problems of marine litter, through local clean-up operations in Belgium.