Avertim present at A3P: "Product & Process Robustness"

The A3P forum is a meeting place for all professionals involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Including service providers (e.g. trainings, consulting, etc.), equipment manufacturers and producers of pharmaceutical related products.

This forum presents a unique opportunity to understand where the pharmaceutical sector will be heading in the next few years. In addition, specific conferences are being held on the topic of sterility and cleanliness; with a focus on the evolutions occurring in scientific, technological and regulatory domains.

What is A3P?

The A3P Association is a network of suppliers and producers of medicines and clean and sterile equipment. It provides a place for the exchange of expertise on regulations and technical and scientific knowledge. A3P was founded in 1986 in order to enable the pharmaceutical industry to cope with rapidly changing technologies and production processes and control. Through events, such as congresses and forums, they allow their 1,200 members to share their experience. All these events contribute to the improvement of the production of medicines and clean and sterile equipment.

A3P is present through its subsidiaries in 6 countries: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Switzerland and Tunisia. Those subsidiaries are responsible for the organizations of the congresses and forums.

The main objectives of the association are:

  • To maintain, improve and promote industry standards and control.
  • To exchange technical information regarding clean and sterile equipment and products.
  • To promote industrial cooperation with national and European manufacturers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To provide the training of personnel.
  • To promote the establishment and development of sister associations in Europe.
  • To contribute to the publication of articles and reviews.