Sector Challenges

Impacted by the market liberalization, the changing directives/regulations and influenced by the technologies evolutions, the Utilities sector is an everyday moving environment. Today more than ever, it is a perpetual compromise that needs to be found to provide security of supply at an acceptable cost for society, and in an environmentally friendly way.

Overall, we see 4 broad categories of challenges:

  • Security of supply ; key topics are upgrading and aligning IT infrastructure to smart needs (real time information,...), and strengthening emergency mechanisms and critical infrastructure by developing BCP (Business continuity plan) and DRP (Disaster recovery plan)
  • Energy resources management; key topics are managing nuclear decommissioning projects, managing increasing energy demands by optimizing energy efficiency, and increasing cross-border integration with other energy markets
  • Competition intensifying; key topics are optimizing key processes (eg. Meter-to-Cash) by implementing best practices methodologies (Lean Office, Operational Excellence, Smart Working, ...) and implementing new margin generating services (since margins are decreasing in commodity such as electricity and fuel supply)
  • Regulation and compliance management; key topics are assessing maturity and compliances regarding norms and standards (eg. ISO, ISA, METHARI, ...)

Our recent assignments in Utilities

  • Performing project management maturity audits and implementing new project management methodologies for Large infrastructure projects
  • Increasing Marketing & Sales Performance by defining medium and long term strategies for Outbound Lead Generation (B2B) and improving of the forecast accuracy
  • Working on the process optimization for smart metering projects
  • Working on the implementation of a Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan for Real Time Systems for monitoring electrical infrastructure.
  • Launching new products on the market and help our clients to diversify the services they provide to their customer, also through companies acquisition
  • Working on the construction of a coal power plant in Rotterdam in order to manage sub-contractors in charge of civil works activities
  • Managing projects for the renovation of technical buildings for the petro-chemical industry in coordination with engineering companies and sub-contractors

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