Transport & Mobility

Sector Challenges

Liberalization of the transportation sector is putting pressure on the historical public service providers. While ensuring business continuity, the sector has to deal with major changes in their strategies, operations and processes to be able to keep their positions in a competitive market. Next to liberalization, environmental and ethical concerns are also high on the agenda of the transportation industry.

Overall, we see 4 broad categories of challenges:

  • Liberalization management; key topics are Manage increased costs & demand whilst at the same time facing decreased margin & ROI (Return On Investment), and managing the company public image (2 key levers being punctuality and safety)
  • Transport services integration; key topics are developing a paying model for integrated transport, and building service agreements with other transportation companies to allow infrastructure sharing
  • Infrastructure optimization & Technology evolution; key topics are around optimizing/ building infrastructure assets and consolidating traffic operational centers (eg. to cope with increasing number of goods from emerging markets)
  • Integration of environmental aspects; key topics are integrating environmentally friendly & energy efficient sources of energy, and ensuring environmentally-friendly product designs (eg. Aerospace)

Our recent assignments in Transport & Mobility

  • Helping our client to adapt its ICT governance to market liberalization principles.
  • Managing a low voltage project for a new rail infrastructure.
  • Managing a new digital signage technology based on the visual communication developed by our client, including the marketing approach to bring the product to new markets in other sectors.
  • Setting-up a PMO focused on the planning of the construction and equipment works of a new portion

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