Telecommunication & Media

Sector Challenges

The sector's pace of change will increase as we increasingly evolve towards being an integrated networked society. This enormous transformation will impact the entire value chain and all industries under the combined effect of a multitude of pressures.

Overall, we see 3 broad categories of challenges:

  • Introduction of new generation networks and services; key topics are around how to profit from emerging technologies and trends (eg. interactivity with cloud, M2M platform, second screen experience, multiple devices,...), fulfilling demand for increasing mobile data and creating value by delivering integrated solutions in other industries (eg. Auto, Smart Energy, boat automatic navigation,...)
  • Customer retention and competitors pressure; key topics are around bringing late adopters & laggards (50% consumer base) to next consumer level and optimizing call centers by integrating next generation customer service (eg. Avatar-strategy)
  • Regulation and compliance; key topics are dealing with complexity and additional cost of applying different levels of regulations that often overlap (eg. EU, federal, regional); in addition there is added risk due to the fact that regulations are typically focused towards consumer protection (eg. reduced fees for roaming costs, environmental regulations, 3V/m,..)

Our recent assignments in Telecommunication

  • Assessing and enhancing customer experience and loyalty to develop new revenues
  • Managing a program to develop an UMTS network
  • Drafting and operational implementation of offers/launches of innovative services (TV/VOD)
  • Designing an End2End process for a telecom operator
  • Setting up a PMO for a telecom vendor

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