Client had made a major acquisition, and had therefore launched an integration program to realize synergy benefits

  • Adjust employee mindsets to accept changes
  • Coordinate, support and monitor integration projects

Our approach

Fine-tune integration vision and break down the project into 4 strategic phases

Implement change management practices:

  • Develop ‘impact matrix’ to assess impact of projects on different departments
  • Work with key users to define new processes
  • Develop ‘mobilization scorecards’ for top management to communicate how the human side of projects supports expected benefits
  • Communicate to all employees changes needed via awareness presentations, focus groups and field action plans

Work with Project Management Office department to coordinate integration:

  • Provide tools and methodologies
  • Identify issues at local level, and escalate to senior management


  • Clarity for whole organization on where biggest organizational impact is expected
  • Buy-in and changed way of working for employees
  • Improved tracking & management of integration projects
  • Visibility of synergies achieved