A transmission system operators for electricity company, with no specific Project Management (PM) approach in place, needed to develop 4 large infrastructure projects: BOG, Nemo, Stevin and Alegro, at different levels of engagement

  • Introduce an appropriate governance which offers a better transparency and control
  • Introduce a PM methodology based on industry best-practices and enabling the above described governance

Our Approach

  • Assess the current way of working, design the TO-BE situation, and provide necessary means to bridge the gap between these two
  • Imagine the future situation by defining the governance structure, Roles &Responsibilities, deliverables models, process, ...
  • Go from current situation to ideal situation  by improving the PM competences and the way of planning, monitoring & controlling the projects
  • Assure the sustainability of the developed approach by providing an easy accessible “toolkit” which contains governance guidelines, methodology, and best-practices


  • Identification of a few improvement opportunities
  • Definition of the TO-BE governance structure, roles & responsibilities
  • Gradual establishment of more governance elements. Use of Agile techniques to quickly deliver most urgent BOG project deliverables
  • Set-up of “LIP Toolkit” to ensure easy access and reuse of the methodology on similar future projects