Our Values

At Avertim, we offer a different kind of consulting based on visible values shared throughout our company and embedded in the projects we carry out.

Ambition Ambitious in the way we maximize development growth, effectiveness and efficiency by setting the highest standards
Value We put a strong emphasis on providing value to our clients with quality excellence, tangible results and measurable benefits
Experience The strong academic background and seniority of our consultants are the best guarantee of the success of your enterprise
Respect We value diversity among people, ideas, beliefs and points of view. It is a part of our approach to show respect for our clients, colleagues or any individual we meet
Trust Truth makes mutual trust possible and allows transparency, reliability and stakeholder's involvement at every stage
Involvement We strongly encourage our consultants to take part in internal initiatives and become major actors of the company development
Mindset Our people value high work moral, positive attitude, visible energy and ... sense of humour